My dear parishioners,

Greetings of peace to all of you. It’s my joy to express my feelings at this juncture.

We have almost completed our church projects by Gods grace and your kind generosity. Whatever donations we have received, just sufficed. May the Lord bless u all for ur generosity and good will. As I look back there was some fear whether we will be able to collect funds or not. But the Lord was with us guiding us n supporting us constantly. Our Bishop too has guided us in our venture.

I wonder how fast our dreams have come true. Thanks be to God. All for the greater glory of God. May His name be praised . All credit n honour glory goes to Him.

I earnestly request all of u to participate in everything actively . Let us encourage one another by which we build up our parish as a family. Pray for me too that I should be an effective instrument of Jesus.
God bless all of you

Fr Paul Rego






My dear parishioners,

Loving greetings of the season. Hope we have progressed a lot in our faith, and good works. All our jubilee projects or dreams have come true, because of Gods providence and also by your lots of sacrifices.

Praying for all of you always. Pray for me too

Fr Paul Rego


My dear parishioners,

Hope to see u all soon for jubilee. Our church renovation work is in progress. Most of you have contributed generously thinking that it's our parish church. I thank the Lord Jesus for each one of u. I invoke God's blessings upon you. 

I heartily welcome one and all to be with us by praying for the completion of our work and for the golden jubilee celebrations.

Fr Paul Rego  



My dear parishioners, loving greetings.

We are in Lent season. May you have a blessed season. May the risen Jesus fill all of us with His Radiance.

Our church renovation work is in progress. Please find the photos in this website. Direct Link :

Still a lot of work is pending, hope to finish by November. Your generosity towards the same is appreciated.  May The Lord bless you abundantly.

Let's join our hands since we still need funds. We receive when we give generously. The measure you give the measure you will get.

I wish and pray for you all.

Fr Paul Rego  



ವಿಗಾರಾಚೊ ಸಂದೇಶ್

My dear pambooreans,

I'm glad to wish all of u greetings of CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR 2017 . May our Lord bless n guide all of u throughout the new year . May He protect  u and ur family. I invoke His blessings on your work n your children's  education n work. May they have a bright future.

Our church renovation work is in progress. As we are contributing generously , let us also pray for the same.Lets support this big venture in every possible way . Your generosity is well appreciated and we all are praying for you.
2017 is the year of our parish golden jubilee we will inaugurate  the same on 22nd January  2017.

Each month is dedicated to a particular group n intention.  Many programmes have been already planned which u will find in our parish bulletin . We will be publishing a souvenir during concluding  function . 3rd week of December 2017 will the the golden jubilee celebrations week for which we want u all to attend .

My cordial welcome to all of u . Please book your holidays accordingly.

May the Lord bless you. 

Fr Paul Rego 



My dear parishioners , greetings of peace , love n joy .Hope our website keeps you updated .This is an occasion for us to keep in touch with u. Since we have 18 commission s in our parish too , we ve to conduct 2 programmes each by all commissions. Our people participate well in all .I congratulate all the leaders n members of different commissions for working hard to plan n evaluate their performance.

We have begun the church renovation work in April. It's in progress. It's big challenge for us to collect funds locally since we ve no other source of income . it's an adventure for us to go ahead . it will be a success if all of accept n join in the joint venture and the fruit of our sweat and labour . Hence may I request all parishioners in and abroad to think that it's our church - our project - our own God's work. May it be possible by our generous sacrificial contribution. Let's all pray daily during our prayers n join hands for this venture .

May the Lord bless all of us

Fr Paul Rego 



Greetings of the season.           
I am extremely glad to express my joy. God has blessed all of us with his lots of choicest gifts, we remain grateful to him. A number of families have reconciled especially after the annual retreat. We have built up our ward gatherings with trainings, ward feasts, picnics etc. You have shown keen interest in building up the spiritual body of Christ here in our parish. Parishioners abroad have shown a lot of generosity, good will and  prayers. I thank all of you for your loving contribution towards all the projects so far.

Now our jubilee projects are before us. We have already laid the foundation for the new clergy house, on 30th May 2014. The Project would cost Rs.84 lakhs. Our target is to inaugurate the same on 1st May 2015 with all of you. Let us surrender this project in God’s hands and to the intersession of Mother Mary.

Let us  show our good will and generosity towards “Our Church-Our Projects”. May Jesus bless each and every one of us from his Cross.                           
Yours Affectionately                                                                         
Fr Paul Rego    




My dear Parishioners and Friends,

Media is a powerful means of communication and in seconds we could reach one another. We are glad to launch our parish website under the name “”, Under the patronage of our parish bulletin ‘Khursacho Taalo’.  I congratulate the editorial board and thank the Sponser Mr Robert Saldanha of St Antony Ward, Pamboor.

We will be able to reach out to you in time and again. Please patronize our advertisers.

May the Holy Cross of Chirst bless all of us.

Yours Affectionately,

Fr Paul Rego
Parish Priest

ಮಾ| ಬಾ| ಪಾವ್ಲ್ ರೇಗೊ


Pamboor, Shanthipura
Bantakal P.O. – 574 115
Udupi District

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