Confraternity Sunday was observed at Holy Cross Church Pamboor on December 8, 2014 as a preparation to the Annual Feast. The ceremony was started by hoisting the papal colours by parish priest Rev. Fr Paul Rego along with Rev. Fr John Baptist Moras, Mr Prakash Noronha Vice President of parish council and the parishioners. The Eucharistic mass started at 5pm Rev. Fr John Baptist Moras assistant parish priest of Belman Parish was the main celebrant and Rev. Fr Paul Rego was the co celebrant. The Sacrament was kept for adoration after the mass and a candle light procession was held by carrying the sacrament and proclaiming Jesus. The ceremony concluded with the sacrament blessings. The Annual Feast will be held on 9 & 10 December 2014.




























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Pamboor, Shanthipura
Bantakal P.O. – 574 115
Udupi District

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