Pics by Roxy Fernandes
Report by Josil Noronha

New Year Eve mass was held on 31st December 2019 inorder to thank the almighty for the blessings he poured on us. The ceremony started at 7PM with the adoration of blessed sacrament. Our parish priest Rev.Fr.Henry Mascarenhas lead the adoration and blessing for 30mins. The euachristic mass was held after the adoration. Rev.Fr.Joel Noronha was the main celebrant along with Rev.Fr.Nelson Castelino and Rev.Fr.Henry Mascarenhas. During the homily Rev.F. Henry explained about the role of Mother Mary in upbringing of Jesus and in executing the plan of God to save the mankind from sin. Rev. Fr,Henry Thanked everyone who worked for the success of the days event and conveyed his wishes. Women's Association of our parish organized fund raiser event and many our parishioners participated in the same.

Wish you all a Prosperous Happy New Year 2020!
















































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