Pics and Report by Josil Errol Noronha

Easter Eve is also celebrated as the feast of cross over before our Lord Jesus Christ's resurrection. The evening service began at 7:15PM with blessing of fire and lighting up the Easter candle which symbolises the Risen Lord. Mrs. Asuntha D'souza gave prelude before each ceremony. Our Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Henry Mascarenhas led the service. The ceremony involved the following blessing of fire and Lighting up the Easter Candle, Proclamation of Word of God, Blessing and SHowering the Holy Water with renewal of our faith, Veneration of Risen Lord. Dr. Vincent Alva sang the Easter Hymn. The Easter Edition of our church magazine "Khursaacho Taalo" was released after the mass, The Gurkaars from 4 Wards who completed their term were felicitated by our parish priest. The prizes were given away to the catechism students who won 1st and 2nd place in their annual exams. Veneration of the Risen Jesus was held after the final blessing,


















































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