Easter Vigil mass was held in Holy cross chruch Pamboor at 7:00pm. The ceremony started with the blessing of the fire outside the church. Rev. Fr. Paul Rego was the main celebrant of the Eucharistic celebration accompanied by Deacon Patrick Dsouza. After the easter candle was lit deacon Patrick along with Fr.Paul took it inside the church and the parishioners also lit their candles the easter hymn was sung. The liturgy consisted of two readings from Old Testament and two readings from New Testament. After the readings got over “Glory to God” Hymn was sung by the church choir and Fr.Paul unveiled the statue of risen Jesus . 

After the mass Rev. Fr. Paul Conveyed his wishes to the Parishioners , Deacon Patrick felicitated the people who helped with a contribution. The Church Magazine “Khursaacho Taalo” was released by Mr.Fedrick Menezes along with Mr.Prakash Noronha (vice President of Parish council),Mrs Asuntha Dsouza(secretary of Parish council)  and the editorial committee Mrs.Jenith Noronha and Mr.John Martis. Fr.Paul’s mother gave away the prizes for the winners of the quiz competition organized the magazine committee. The Ceremony went until 9:45pm. Hundreds of Parishioners attended the Mass. Refreshments were served after the mass. 
































































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